I Believe in Monsters

I Believe in Monsters, Monster Bucks that is, lol.. As we approach hunting season in Arkansas, I thought I’d write an article concerning hunting.. Living in Arkansas makes it extremely hard to prepare for the hunt weeks in advance because the weather here could change in a matter of hours. I try to be prepared but never am, do to the unprecise weather. It may be sunshine when you begin and rain by the end, lol.. As an avid hunter, I try spending as much time as possible in the woods trying to figure out the deer patterns. I’ve noticed that the bucks tend to be a lot more attentive to things in there surroundings than does do. For instance, if the buck has been traveling the area where you decide to put your stand and he happens to come by while your there in the stand, he seems to look towards your stand as if he knows it’s out of place. I spend the majority of my deer hunting focused on taking a good buck, that’s my passion of the hunt. Over the years I’ve managed to take a few nice bucks, and also have captured some on cameras. I spent about a half a day yesterday in the woods trying to prepare for the upcoming season, but didn’t get a whole lot done beings it’s still so hot here in Arkansas. But I will get it done and will be ready to pursue my passion in time for the hunt. The reason I think I love being in the woods is that it’s so peaceful, I mean peace & quiet for hours. I hear the birds chirp, squirrels bark and maybe even jump around the trees grabbing acorns. And sometimes even spot a few deer crossing the area, very seldom do they ever make much noise, that’s why you must sit still and remain quiet, they will ease up on you if you’re not paying close attention. I can sit out there for hours and enjoying God’s creation and His peace! I can hardly wait for cooler temps and hunting season to arrive. There is nothing like the thrill I get when that monster buck walks out and my heart raises and them nerves set in, waiting on that perfect opportunity to get the reward of the hunt and the patience it takes to get rewarded for my efforts. I thank the Lord, God Almighty for giving me the privilege of hunting wild game to provide food for my family that is healthier than stuff you buy. I just want to say GOOD LUCK this hunting season to all you hunters and remember to enjoy God’s peace while out in the woods..