My Testimony

My Testimony:
Well, one Sunday morning about 39 years ago back in the summer of 1980 when I was merely an 8 year old little boy. I was sitting in a little ole Pentecostal church in Dumas,Arkansas listening to an ole preacher who was preaching an on fire sermon, yeah the Holy Spirit was moving that morning! Well I was tuned into the message because he was preaching that sermon right to me that day! I was feeling the Conviction of the Holy Spirit moving inside me. And man, I was truly being convicted that Sunday morning!And when the preacher gave that alter call I felt the Spirit moving me to go up to the alter that very morning and I heard that small still voice call out my name and said, Thomas today is your day of Salvation come to the alter and Accept my Free Gift of Salvation and I Promise I will Never leave you or Forsake you the rest of your days!! So I did as I was called to do, I went down that aisle in front of them people and talked to the Pastor and gave my life to My Lord & My Savior that morning by admitting I was a Sinner and that I Believed that Jesus bore my sins on the Cross of Calvary, He died for me so I promised to Live for Him. I truly believed in the Life, Death, Burial, & Resurrection of Jesus!! So yes I accepted His FREE GIFT OF SALVATION!! But as many do I ended up trying to take control myself & started living the way I wanted some years later. So yes I strayed away from Him from time to time over the years of my life. But I repented of All my sins and mistakes & He Forgave me for all of them. So I have had struggles from time to time but He has NEVER left me or Forsaked me just as He promised.. But I have heard His voice speak to me several times over the years. And I have had 3 more awesome testimonials during my adult life that maybe I will share someday!