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Thomas Hawkins Ministries News


Media Church -Media Church Returns this week 8/18/19 and we have  decided to change the name Media Church to "Live" with Thomas..Thank you all for helping us to make a difference in so many lives around the world.

NEW FACEBOOK PAGE (BLOG)- We have a New Facebook Page for our Blog, feel free to give it a "LIKE" and help us to grow that Page. We will Blog, do "LIVE" videos of various kinds, even from the woods,also post images of different kinds. So be sure to join us at Real Talk with Thomas on Facebook, Just --->CLICK HERE<---

God's Country Magazine- We will be writing an article every month for a New Digital Magazine called God's Country Magazine. You can read the magazine online at

PRAYER REQUESTS- We have a New Email address set-up specifically for Prayer Requests & Testimonials. You can now send your prayer requests or testimonials to our email address at Prayer@ThomasHawkins.Church