Angel Testimony


My Angel Testimony:

Once I was having a difficult battle with Satan & God. I was being tugged back & forth, my faith was wavering & God wanted me in Ministry but Satan wanted me to continue to live in my fun sinful life. During this battle I was really scared to be around anyone at all because I didn’t know which one would be speaking through me. It all started one night while I was sipping on a cold bud light, I decided to flip through the channels on tv, well I found Charles Stanley preaching the Word so I said I really enjoy Charles Stanley’s teaching of the Word, so I’ll watch this. Just so happened his message that particular night was about visiting a man at the man’s home.. They was talking about this and that and Charles said he suddenly got thirsty & asked the guy if he had something to drink and the guy said yes sir, help yourself to the fridge.. Well Charles said he opened the fridge & it was full of cold beer.. Hmmm that’s exactly what was in mine too!! Anyways Charles opened a sermon bout the beer & how he needed to get rid of it and to start living for Christ. Guess what? It was as if God was speaking to me. So I got up and went to the fridge and begin to pour out every beer I had. I had just bought a fresh 30 pack of Bud Light too!! It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Then I asked my girlfriend, “should I at least finish this one in my hand?” She said, Well I don’t know.” Anyways I poured what was left of it out as well. Then man I really started feeling God’s inside of me after asking Him to FORGIVE ME for the mess I had made of my life. Well, guess what? Yep, after that ole Satan really got stirred up and started causing all kinds of bad stuff to happen, it was like I was caught between good & evil. And I never knew which side of me was gonna appear. I would study God’s Word while battling with demons.. It got so bad one time that my girlfriend just said something to me and I snapped, I was cussing her and almost hit her, but luckily hit the door instead, thank GOD. I would never intentionally do anything like that, it was Satan trying to destroy yet another relationship. So after that, I decided, “I got to make a decision & finally stop this battle inside me. So I went outdoors for the BATTLE, away from my girlfriend, because I didn’t want her accidentally getting involved in the battle! Well it got pretty rough out there, so rough that I was fighting demons and beating up the hood of our car at the same time. Yes my anger was something fierce during this battle. But finally I just fell on my knees, with my head on the hood of our car and said, “God, if you really exist, I need you to prove it to me right now!” If you prove your existence to me, I will NEVER DOUBT YOUR EXISTENCE again!! No matter what obstacles Satan puts before me, I will BELIEVE IN YOUR EXISTENCE LORD!! If you know me at all then you know, I am doubting Thomas, for sure! But after I cried that out. all of the sudden, I looked up on my front porch and saw this huge, magnificent being that had the most spectacular glow around it, It was Gabriel the Archangel. He stood there just for a minute. He looked at me & I at Him.. Then I shouted, “Gabriel?” Then He quickly disappeared.. I said, “OK GOD, I’VE SEEN THE PROOF!!” All the proof I need to believe in your existence and I surely also now believe in Angels as well.. Now I am so thankful to God for always being with me, even when I have drifted away, He still LOVED ME!! And He had a plan for my life, & guess what? I bet He has a plan for your life as well, just trust HIM!!!